The Best Extreme Demon Speedrun In Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a game lots of gamers love. It’s got tough levels and cool designs. Out of all the difficult levels in this game, there’s one that really shows off your skill and determination. It’s called the Best Extreme Demon Speedrun. In this article, we’ll talk about why this level is special and share some advice for players who want to beat it.

This level has a glitchy theme, and it’s known for being very exciting to play. Let’s take a closer look at Speedrun, including how it’s designed, the gameplay, and what makes it so captivating for players. You can also read about gd 2.2 release date

Review of Speedrun: A Glitchy Adventure

From the very start (0-10%), Speedrun throws players into a fast and glitchy world. The decorations look a bit messed up, but in a cool way, with bright colors. The gameplay is a bit tricky at first, but it fits well with the block design, giving it a retro feel. The colors and glowing effects make the whole experience really immersive.

geometrydownload - Speedrun Best Extreme Demon In Geometry Dashs

Pre-Drop Excitement (10-19%)

As you get to the pre-drop section (10-19%), things get even more challenging. There’s flying straight, navigating tight waves, and tricky robot gameplay. The visuals become darker and more intense, preparing players for what’s coming next.

Retro Glitch Delight (20-28%)

Moving on to 20-28%, the game takes on a retro glitchy theme. The mini cube gameplay has blackout moments that look visually stunning. It feels a bit like an old video game, with deliberate lags. The transition to the next part is smooth and keeps players excited.

Masterful Symmetry (29-33%)

The next part, 29-33%, is a display of perfect symmetry. The background has flashing lines and blocks, making it look epic. The use of glow reaches its peak, enhancing the unique block decorations. The transition to the next section keeps the excitement going.

A Glowing Masterpiece (33-41%)

From 33-41%, Speedrun turns into a glowing masterpiece. The glow is used perfectly, making the rotated backgrounds look even more symmetrical. The block decorations, inspired by Japanese style, make the level brilliant. The transition sets the stage for what comes next.

Glitchy Crescendo (42-52%)

The glitchy crescendo from 42-52% brings a dark and intense wave section. The background guides players, and the glitchy block design pulses with the music. Clever touches, like the “A,” “B,” and “DASH” buttons, keep players engaged.

Balanced Brightness (53-61%)

Going from 53-61%, the brightness increases, creating a visually appealing experience. An update by Kaito balances the difficulty for a more enjoyable time. Bright colors and white contrasts make it flashy. The transition sets up a mix of retro and glitchy elements.

Retro-Glitch Fusion (62-71%)

At 62-71%, there’s a fusion of retro and glitchy themes. The glow is used just right, and block decorations feature glitchy glow and squares. A beam of light smoothly transitions players to the next part.

Distorted Elegance (72-86%)

The section from 72-86% introduces distorted elements, making the block decoration more complex. Glow is more pronounced, adding a layer of challenge. Glitch effects and moving objects make it visually stunning. The smooth transition keeps the flow.

Bright Climax (87-100%)

As players reach the climax at 87-100%, the level becomes exceptionally bright. Shifting from white to red, green, and blue with a unique block layout creates a stunning visual spectacle. The gameplay involves timing challenges and a dash to the Japanese retro-themed end screen.

The Simplistic End Screen

The end screen is simple but captures the essence of the journey. The distorted background, Japanese text, and a spinning circular element provide a fitting conclusion. As the text flashes, the circle disappears, marking the end of the thrilling Speedrun.

The Super Hard Challenge

In Geometry Dash, levels are ranked by difficulty. They go from Easy to Insane, and the hardest ones are called “Extreme Demons.” Among all these tough levels, “Speedrun” is considered the very best. Here’s why people think that.

Speedrun’s History

A skilled player and level creator named “Timeless” made “Speedrun” in 2019. It quickly became famous in the Geometry Dash community because of how incredibly hard it is. You have to be super precise, time everything just right, and practice a lot to get through it.

How It Plays and Looks

“Speedrun” has jumps that break gravity, tricky parts with spikes, and fast sections where you control a ship. The level looks amazing, with lots of detail and the music fits perfectly with the gameplay. The music is “Black Blizzard” by Exiark, and it makes the level feel intense.

A Big Challenge

To beat “Speedrun,” you’ll need to practice for a really long time. It’s known for being super hard with sudden tough parts that test how fast you can react. It’s not for beginners, but it’s a real test of skill for Geometry Dash pros.

How Tough It Is

The Best Extreme Demon in Geometry Dash is super hard. It’s made to be a big challenge. You need quick reflexes, perfect timing, and lots of patience. To beat it, you have to really understand the game, practice a lot, and not give up.

The Design

This level looks amazing and has tricky gameplay. It has lots of hard parts, like waves and jumps that need perfect timing. The music matches the game perfectly, making it a cool experience.

The Creator’s Work

The person who made this level spent a long time making it just right. It takes a lot of skill and love for the game. To beat it, you’ll need determination and persistence.

Tips for Beating It

  • Practice: There’s no easy way to win. You have to play the level many times to get used to it.
  • Watch Others: Check out videos of players who have beaten this level. Look at how they move and time things. It can help you learn.
  • Choose the Right Character: Pick a character that stands out well on the level’s background. It makes it easier to see.
  • Stay Calm: This level can be frustrating, but it’s important to stay calm and focused.
  • Ask for Help: Join the Geometry Dash community to talk to other players. They can give you advice and support.

People Love It

The Geometry Dash community thinks Speedrun is awesome. Gamers from all over the world try to beat it, and they share their experiences on places like YouTube and Twitch. Speedrun is even featured in official Geometry Dash challenges, and it’s made a big mark in the game’s history.

Pros and Cons of Geometry Dash Speedrun

  • Trying this tough challenge can make you better at gaming. You’ll get better at timing, accuracy, and reacting quickly, which can help you in other games too.
  • Completing the Best Extreme Demon is a big deal. It can boost your confidence and make you feel proud of yourself for beating one of the hardest levels in the game.
  • If you succeed in this level, other players in the Geometry Dash community will admire you for being skilled. This can lead to more discussions, teamwork, and friendships with fellow players.
  • Beating this level requires you to concentrate and be patient. These skills can be useful in school, work, and your personal life.
  • The Best Extreme Demon can be super frustrating. Failing over and over can make you upset and want to quit, especially if you don’t handle frustration well.
  • Trying to finish this level can be a big time commitment. You might spend many hours, days, or even weeks on it, which can take away time from other things you need to do.
  • This level is so tough that it might make you feel tired and lose interest in the game if you don’t manage your time and energy wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

he Speedrun level in Geometry Dash is a custom-made level. It’s famous for being super fast and having tough obstacles. You need to be quick and precise to beat it.

To play the Speedrun level, you have to get it from the Geometry Dash community. Search for it, download it, and then you can find it in your custom levels.

What makes the Speedrun level special is its high speed and tricky timing. You need to make fast decisions and do exact jumps to get through it.

You don’t need any specific requirements to play the Speedrun level, but it helps if you already understand how Geometry Dash works and have some experience with fast levels.

If you want to get better at the Speedrun level, you’ll need to practice a lot. Play the level over and over to get used to its speed and challenges. Work on your timing and reflexes.

It’s pretty rare to finish the Speedrun level on your first try. It’s so fast and complicated that most people need to try multiple times before they succeed.

Different players might use different strategies, but staying focused, practicing regularly, and studying the level are all good ideas. Also, using a clear and easy-to-see icon can be helpful.

When you get frustrated with the Speedrun level, take short breaks, be patient, and don’t push yourself too hard. Learning from other players’ experiences can also be calming.

The main reward for beating the Speedrun level is the feeling of achievement. There are no special in-game prizes for finishing it.

Yes, practice mode can be really useful for getting better at the Speedrun level. It lets you practice specific parts of the level and improve your skills.


Speedrun is the hardest Extreme Demon in Geometry Dash for good reasons. Its challenging gameplay, amazing design, and the time you need to master it make it special for gamers. If you’re up for a tough challenge and want to be a Geometry Dash expert, try out Speedrun and see if you can beat one of the game’s toughest levels.

Beating the Best Extreme Demon is a huge achievement. It takes time and effort, but with practice, patience, and love for the game, you can become a Geometry Dash legend. So, keep practicing, and one day, you might join the elite group of players who’ve conquered this tough challenge. Good luck

Speedrun is a really cool level in the game Geometry Dash. It has a retro look and some cool glitches that make it stand out. The way it’s designed, with how you play and how it looks, makes it a really fun experience. Kaito, the creator, paid a lot of attention to make it perfect, and the music by Camellia makes it even better. It’s considered the best and toughest level in Geometry Dash. So, if you’re up for it, give it a try and enjoy the adventure, challenges, and the retro style of Speedrun

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