How to Safely Backup Your Geometry Dash Data on Steam

Geometry Dash players often face challenges with the game’s cloud save system, it may not always work as expected. However, if you’re playing on the Steam version, there’s a manual method to secure your saved data. This guide will walk you through the process of backup your Geometry Dash data, ensuring you never lose your progress.

Backup your Geometry Dash Data: A Step-by-Step Guide

Locating Your Save Files:

If you play Geometry Dash on Steam, your save files are accessible. Navigate to C:\Users{YourName}\AppData\local\GeometryDash. Here, you’ll find your saved songs, and at the bottom, locate your four crucial save files.

geometrydownload - step by step guide to Backup Your Geometry Dash date to save it

Copy and Paste for Security:
Copy these four files and paste them into a secure location. By doing this, you take control of your save data, bypassing the game’s often unreliable cloud system.

Ensuring Proper Placement:
It’s crucial to have a copy of these files in the original location (C:\Users{YourName}\AppData\local\GeometryDash), as this is where Geometry Dash searches for them. If these files are absent during startup, your game data will be missing. In case of accidental deletion, recovery can be done through your computer’s recycle bin.

Restoring Your Backed Up Files:
To reload your backed-up save files, simply place them back into the original location. To avoid overwriting existing files, consider backing up the current ones. Always label your backups for easy identification.

Additional Tips:

  • If your save files become corrupted, consider using a save file fix tool, available through related links.
  • For account-related issues, seek support through the Geometry Dash Discord server.


Taking control of your Geometry Dash save data on Steam is a smart move to avoid the pitfalls of the game’s cloud save system. By following these simple steps and maintaining backups, you ensure a seamless gaming experience without the fear of data loss.

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