Geometry Dash 2.2 Update What’s new in this version release date

Geometry Dash 2.2 is a new update of the Rob Top game, it is the most demanded most awaited version of Geometry Dash. We discuss all of its upcoming new features and updates in this version. On 15 Aug 2021, Rob Top announced the Sneak Peek time Update with a gameplay video that shows how they made the game more interesting. Sneak Peek is a 12th update, It’s Launched in October this Sneak Peek is the longest and most detailed version.

This is one of the major updates of the game, Rob Top wants to inspire everyone who pays for the game that why they take a long time to launch the game to fill the user expectations. 21 new levels were introduced in this update, and all of them have different difficulty levels, soundtracks, and different color schemes which make the game more exciting. These features may have many bugs, but they try to solve all these issues. In this update, a lot of icons are introduced to play with them as well as with user-level edit.

No age restriction to play Geometry Dash 2.2 APK anyone can play it because it’s easy to understand, but it’s not easy to play because the new level makes it too difficult to play. You need to be very active while playing the game. When you lose your chance at any stage, you need to start over again to complete the game because there is no checkpoint in the game. That is why people are addicted to this game, they need to complete the mission in a single attempt. As well as user can download the Geometry Dash mod APK

Geometry Dash 2.2 update

Geometry Dash 2.2 Update all Game Level

  • 2 2 Sneak peek full By GDAnzar
  • Hyperdash By erixale69
  • Explorers By TheMDK
  • Snowdown By pixellord
  • Outcry By JumpingTheory
  • Secret Song By TheMDK
  • Dash Destroyer By pixellord
  • Fire Dash By PixelFire
  • Geometric Pixel By Roberto55
  • One By Drren
  • Full Power By Jinta22
  • 2 2 sneak peek full By XmisterioGames
  • Time Leaper By Dario
  • New Geometry By DPR
  • RobTopCity By Apstrom
  • 2 2 sneak peek full By Blop60
  • Super Explosion By MasterSwing5
  • Explorers By Dario
  • StalKer By GeomTer
  • Sneak Peek Playable By shruGGie
  • Sneak Peek IZ By IZhar

Features of Geometry Dash 2.2


Geometry Dash 2.2 introduces 21 levels, each of which has a different soundtrack. If you are any kind of gamer, you will enjoy this game because the new version has such an addictive soundtrack. You are from any age group, and you love and enjoy the music while playing this game.

New level difficulty

21 levels were introduced in this version. Every level has different tracks different obstacles, pillar spikes, and hurdles. Users have to complete the levels without hitting the obstacle, otherwise, start over the game to complete the level. Users love to play this new level because new difficulties develop in new versions like trough one place to another dinosaur mouth circle arrow through you up or down and much more.

Easy to Play

Gameplay is simple to understand, every age group person can play this game. Users have to jump from the obstacles to complete the mission, but it’s not easy to play, you have to be very active to avoid hitting the obstacles.

Practice Mode

If you are a newbie and lose your chance multiple times, you can play practice mode, in which you don’t need to start over the game where you lose your chance. You can play again from this stage, where you lose your chance. To play the practice mode, click the pose button. Select the practice button to play the game when you lose your chance, press Z game start where you lose your chance, or press X to start over the game.

All Level of Geometry Dash 2.2

2 2 Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek is one of the most famous levels in this update because of its game mechanics, new visuals, new effects best 2D graphics, soundtrack, and attractive background color theme. It’s not easy to play at this level, a lot of difficulties are introduced like fire, rotating the screen, changing its size, and doubling the character. Now let’s talk about gameplay When you start playing the game a new icon is sliding into the game, and you can see a yellow circle with an arrow jump on it. Suddenly 3 pillars appear with different heights you have to jump one by one.

After this 6 big blocks appear up or downside at this time when you have to stay to not fall while moving forward When you jump your device screen tilts which is very eye-catching. When you reach 10% of the game, your player falls into the spider portal and changes into a spider with the cube icon and the game becomes more difficult to play. At the 20% off the game, when you touch the portal level rotate 90 degrees, and gravity shifts to make up for it now so your device screen rotates, and your player also changes its size.

At 30% your player changes again and you can see the background color turn to green at 40%. When you reach 80% to 90% your player is double, and you have to save both of them. While playing the game, you have to beat all the obstacles to complete the level.


Hyperdash is the shortest level of the game, with different difficult levels and attractive 2D graphics. While playing this level, the screen is rotating 3 to 4 times with the amazing Soundtrack and switching characters 3 to 4 times. In this version, a new difficulty level is introduced, rotating arrows and dinosaur mouths that eat you if not jump to them.

At 7% of the game, your character changes and scree rotates 2 to 3 times at the 14% to 22% level of the game. Your default player switches at 28% of the level, it’s changing again at 44% of the level. Another switch at 60% of the game level is flying, you have to save them to crash the default character switch at 72% of the level and change again at 76% of the game to complete the level.


This level introduces new difficulty, turning back your character where they are coming It’s difficult to complete the level. While playing this level, your screen is tilting at 7% of the game, your screen is tilting to the right. At 28% of the game, your screen tilts to the left and changes your character, which can fly by using the same jump button.

You can face both left and right tilt at the 44% level of the game. Your character becomes a circle at 38% of the level and switches again at 50% of the level, the size of the icons also changes sometimes. 64% of the level your player turns back to the previous obstacles, they become difficult and change their color it slows down at 67% of the game and moves fatter again at 70% level of the game.

At 74% your character moves back but upside of the screen you have to save from different obstacles At this time when it moves back level is also decreased but when approach 74% your game is going to complete the level.


A new text feature is introduced in this level in which you get an idea of what is going on in the next step. A new difficulty introduces Circle Star and the mouth appears from the bottom of the game. In which you can see two circles when touch one of them it will through you to the other circle then you move forward to completing the level. At the 8% level of the game, the screen is tilted, and slow animation appears your character is changed when you jump to the box.

It threw you to the upside of the game. 10% of the game screen is rotating, You can also see a pillar you enter one pillar and exit from another pillar of the game player switches to the default again at the 26% level of the game. When you reach the 30% level of the game, here is written “Hand Over The Features” Here your game also rotates the screen when you reach the 43% Shut Down is written here your player is changed and fly.

While approaching the 63% level of the game, the screen is divided into 4 sections, one by one. The first screen sifts to the downright section then the upright section after this left up section then end left down section. At 80% your game is switched to the vertical section, at 90% your screen again to horizontal, safe from the obstacles, and complete the level.


While playing this level, you can see animated obstacles built-in real-time on the screen. It starts slowly when you reach the 7% game speed increases at 12% You convert to a bird you have to fly at 15% you will through to the upside and become a rocket, so your speed is also increased. You again become an animal from 34% to 42% at 45% you shift to the default character. The size of your character is small at the 60% level of the game, it’s back to the default size at the 70% level of the game, Save your obstacles and complete the level.

Secret Song

The Up arrow in the circle appears Jump to them, so three pillars built you have to jump from these obstacles as well, and you can also see the down arrow in the circle. When you touch it, your player moves down your position. At level 3% your character is changed when you switch your default player, You need to follow the arrow within a circle to complete the level. You can hit the box, but not with a skeleton head. When you reach 14% you can handle a bird to complete the mission. Electric current shows you have to escape from these obstacles.

At the 21% level of the game, your game is totally rotated vertically for a second then again at 23%. Your player is also small and larger while playing this level. You become circular from 38% to 41% then it shifts to the default. When you reach 60% “Geometry Dash” is written. Now you have to complete the level without touching the obstacles, your character is changed up to 5 to 7 times from 61 to 100% level of the game.

Dash Destroyer

This level of the game starts with the flying character with the amazing soundtrack, it runs up to 40% level of the game. Then it switches to the default character of the game. When you reach the level of 55%, the big mouth of the dinosaur eats you. It feels like the end of the game but on the screen, the words Ready appear and the game continues the screen rotates to the vertical left side and changes its background color theme to green. After this, enter into the pillar, and it through you to the upside of the game. You can see different arrows flow this and complete the level.

Sneak Peek V2

The game starts with the great animation of a dinosaur mouth Its theme looks like a pennant it turns into green your character changes at 40% of the game. When you reach 55% of the game, you can see a big skeleton face come to eat your player. You have to be safe and complete the level.

Fire Dash

The game starts with the flying character and an eye-catching background color scheme. When you reach the level of 28% your player switches to the default character at 16% dinosaur mouth eats you and releases you from the other side of the game. Turn to the flying player at 65% to 72% you have to complete the level without hitting any hurdle in this level.

Geometric Pixel

In this level you can switch your player to spider 3 to 4 times and also change its size, passing through the circular pillar. You also change into a flying character and rotate the screen more than 2 times Also turn into a rocket and collect the count without losing your chance.


This level starts with the robot When you reach 42% multiple color rings will appear you can dive into these rings at 53% You cross the circular ring screen and rotate to 90 degrees with great animation.

Full Power

This level has such a great animation with animated arrows and background themes
At level 40% screen is black then “Full Power” is written on the screen You must safe from the skeleton and his fire to complete the mission

Time Leaper

While playing this game, your screen tilts with the smooth animation yellow circle through you to the upside of the block, with the animation switch to the dragon. Different difficulty levels introduce circular stars or rotating the screen in a circular form while playing the game or avoiding hitting the obstacles. The size of the character can change multiple times, you can also collect silver coins to complete the level with a full star rating.

New Geometry

The level starts with the flying character and turn into a rocket, a lot of animated background theme appear with text appear in this level. You have to be very active while playing this level because it has a lot of difficulties.


This level starts with the skylight and changes its size beautiful animated text appears, and you turn into the rocket and then into multiple characters such as a dragon, circular default icon. At 25% your character doubles, you have to save both of them to complete the level. 37!% background theme changes into green then turns into blue at 60% with the animation.

Super Explosion

It is one of the hardest levels in the game. This level starts with great animation and difficulties, You can switch your character to another one in this level, the background theme changes into blue at 20% level of the game as well. The player can also rotate and tilt the screen multiple times.


An eye-catching background theme is applied in this level, switch your character into a flying character multiple times. You can switch into a robot, rocket, flying character, and default character icon. You have to save your character and complete the level without hitting any hurdles. Otherwise, you have to start over the game to complete the level.


This level has different background animation with different themes, when you start a game a cat on a television is displayed in the background of this level. When you reach the 25% level of the game, the name of the level “Stalker” is written on the screen and your character changes into a flying character. While reaching 45% of the level, an animated music background appears with read them and your character changes into a rocket. You have to follow the arrows while playing this Level 2.2 app at 80% of the level

Sneak Peek IZ

It’s not like another level, in which you can control your character’s speed and move forward or backward according to you. When you start the game, it shows your destination before playing the game. You have to collect the coins and complete the level

Pros of Geometry Dash APK latest Version

  • Geometry Dash 2.2 launched in October 2023 with 21 new level
  • Every level has unique sound, difficulties, and background theme
  • Any age group person can play the game because the gameplay is very easy to understand
  • One of the longest updates of the Geometry Dash History
  • When a new level launched, a lot of bugs are introduced

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

According to the latest news from the Rob Top Geometry Dash 2.2 released in October 2023.

This is one of the major updates of Geometry Dash, and it has a lot of bugs Rob Top tried to remove all the bugs

No age restriction to play Geometry Dash, anyone can play this because It’s easy to understand how to play.


Geometry Dash 2.2 is a new version of the game which will be released in October 2023. This is a major and most awaited update of the geometry dash history. In this update 21 levels are introduced every level have different obstacles, background color, and animation which make the game more attractive as well and new character icon are introduced in this update.

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