I Got A Geometry Dash Featured Level In 3 Hours

As a lover of Geometry Dash, I recently gave myself a challenge—creating a featured level in 3 hours. Surprisingly, I pulled it off! Today, I’m thrilled to share what I learned during this wild ride of level creation. Explore new Top 1 Extreme demon.

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Getting Smart with Creator Points

Alright, so working hard for creator points never really appealed to me. I’m more of a take-my-time-and-make-it-awesome kind of creator. But, in my three-hour challenge, I came across the idea that collecting creator points can be pretty easy. Imagine spending just a short burst of time every day crafting new levels and raking in those creator points. If all goes well and every level gets featured, you could jump up to the creator leaderboard faster than you’d think – like, VIP level in just 140 days!

However, and this is important I want to sound a bit of a warning here. While it’s cool to score points, let’s not sacrifice quality for quantity, okay?

Originality Rules the Roost

Now, here’s how i start – I planned my style ahead of time, thinking I’d go for a quick, early 2.1 style. But guess what? The speed of building didn’t really change compared to my more unique styles. The big takeaway? The time sink in level creation isn’t about the style; it’s about having killer original ideas.

Coming up with fresh concepts turned out to be the real time-gobbler for me. So, it got me wondering – could I have still faced the challenge with an original level, as long as I had all the ideas mapped out? Food for thought, right? Maybe that’s my next experiment.

Copy + Paste Magic

Now, let’s talk about a little trick I used a lot – copy and paste. I recycled everything from small block designs to entire structures. And guess what? It worked like a charm. What surprised me, though, was that players didn’t seem to notice the repeats unless they were actively searching for them. So, Using again the same designs is cool, but there’s an art to it. Don’t go overboard, and try to give each recycled piece a fresh twist.


For someone like me, Someone who usually isn’t into the whole process of working hard to earn creator points., this challenge was eye-opening. I’d encourage anyone with a similar vibe to give it a shot. Jump into the world of smart creator point gathering, understand why being original is better than just having a cool style, and master the art of reusing designs. In the fast-paced world of Geometry Dash, striking the right balance between speed and creativity can open up some seriously cool possibilities for creators like us. Cheers to the next level.

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