What Could A Post-2.2 RobTop Games Look Like?

Geometry Dash community has been waiting for more than 5 years for this thing called update 2.2. Some folks blame the game creator, RobTop, for taking too long or adding too much stuff without knowing when to stop. RobTop said sorry for making everyone wait and hinted that he might hire more game developers to speed things up for updates like 2.3 or 2.4. Cool, right? Now, what could this new RobTop Games look like? Who would be the right people for the job? Let’s check out some cool candidates for a post-2.2 RobTop Games. You can also learn about how to backup your game data

GD Colon: The Smart Guy on YouTube

Imagine this guy GD Colon. He’s a YouTuber and knows a ton about programming. He did cool things like making a Google Sheet version of the in-game editor and even turned Minecraft worlds into Geometry Dash stuff. He also has this online Geometry Dash browser thing. Check out his video “50 Simple Ideas For Geometry Dash” — it’s full of awesome ideas to make the game better. Colon also said on Twitter that they could have made the wait shorter for 2.2 by deciding on a date to stop adding new features. Maybe he could work with RobTop Games.

HJfod: The Modding Expert about 2.2 RobTop Games

HJfod If you talk about Geometry Dash mods, you have to talk about this person. They’re working on a thing called BetterEdit, which changes how the editor works. Right now, they’re also making something called Geode and another mod for the whole game called BetterGD. So, yeah, HJfod knows their stuff when it comes to making Geometry Dash cooler.

 - what GD Colon and other think about 2.2 RobTop games

Absolute: The Hack Master

Now, Absolute is famous for making this hacking tool called MegaHack. People use it a lot to do cool stuff in the game. It’s so good that you need to pay real money for the latest versions. MegaHack has things like undoing completed levels, a special mode for designing levels, and even a list of the hardest levels. Absolute’s work is a must if they want to add more cool things to Geometry Dash.

Spu7nix: Creating Cool Stuff with Code

This person, Spu7nix, made a special programming language just for the Geometry Dash editor. It’s called Spwn, and it makes doing tricky stuff with triggers easier. Spu7nix used Spwn to make a level called HOW, and it’s like 3D icons and crazy visuals. They also did other cool projects like DIM and Brainfugd. So, if we’re talking about the future of RobTop Games, Spu7nix should be in the mix.

Others: Adaf and Serponge

Apart from these four, there are more cool people like Adaf and Serponge. They have their own cool ways of doing things and could also be part of the future RobTop Games team. Who knows? Maybe even you could be part of it someday!

So, as we wait for the next big thing in Geometry Dash, these awesome folks could be the ones making it happen. Let’s see if our predictions come true, and who knows, you might even join the RobTop Games family in the future! Exciting, right?

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