The History Of Geometry Dash Nine Circles Levels

Geometry Dash is a famous game that many people love. It’s a game where you jump and move to the beat of the music, and it’s made by a company called RobTop Games. One special part of this game is called the “Nine Circles” levels, and they are really important in the Geometry Dash community. In this article, we’re going to talk about where they came from and why they’re cool.

The Geometry Dash community has had many trends over the years, like making new levels and changing old ones. But there’s one trend that’s been really popular and memorable – it’s called the Nine Circles trend. Explore a lot of level which look similar, but they are different level from another creator. This article delves into the history of this iconic trend and how it has evolved over time.

Where Nine Circles Came From:

The Nine Circles levels were created because people wanted to make super hard and cool-looking levels in the game. A player named Zobros made the first one, called Nine Circles, and it came out on July 3, 2015. This level was special because it had a lot of tricky stuff and looked awesome. While this level may not have been the most outstanding in terms of gameplay, it played a crucial role in kickstarting the trend.

What They’re Like to Play:

Nine Circles levels are really fast and tough. You have to dodge spikes and move through lots of tricky things while listening to great music. The levels look really cool because they use lots of shapes and colors to make it interesting.

Important Nine Circles Levels:

Nine Circles (by Zobros): This is the first one and set the standard.

Theory of Everything 2 (by RobTop): This one was made by the game’s creator and introduced more people to Nine Circles.

Ice Carbon Diablo X (by TriAxis): This level was super hard and had amazing design.

The Realistic (by Lemons): This level was known for looking strange and cool.

Fusion Z (by Sunix): This level mixed things from other Nine Circles levels and had new ideas.

People Loved Them:

Lots of players in the Geometry Dash community liked the Nine Circles levels. They made their own levels inspired by them, and it made the game more creative. Some levels were easy, and some were super hard, but they all added to the fun.

Early Days of Nine Circles

The next Nine Circles level to surface wasn’t “Fairydust” as one might assume, but “Beautiful Eyes” by TGirl, with the ID 4913027. However, it didn’t garner much attention due to its quality. “Fairydust” was the level that followed, and it essentially served as a recolored version of the original Nine Circles, with many gameplay segments resembling those from the original. Following “Fairydust,” the Geometry Dash community enthusiastically began creating their own Nine Circles levels, each varying in difficulty, color schemes, music choices, and overall style.

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Various iterations of Nine Circles emerged, including the “Ultra” style (seen in levels like “Ultra Paracosm” and “Ultra Fairydust”), the “XII” style (featured in levels like “Nine Circles XII” and “Paracosm XII”), and the modern style, which included levels such as “Arctic Lights,” “Hyper Paracosm,” and “Bausha Vortex.”

Amidst these variations, traditional Nine Circles levels continued to be developed, with notable examples including “Solar Circles,” “Infinite Circles,” and “Crimson Clutter.” The trend reached its zenith when the renowned Geometry Dash player Andromeda created his own ultra-difficult Nine Circles level known as “Poltergeist.” However, the crown jewel of the Nine Circles trend emerged when Cyclic introduced “Sonic Wave.” This level came in two versions, the original light blue iteration, and the newer dark blue version, both of which became famous in the Geometry Dash community. The level remained unverified until a determined player named Mefewe made substantial progress, ultimately reaching 98% completion before succumbing to his own error.

The Rebirth of Sonic Wave

Following Mefewe’s remarkable but tragic attempt, he rallied some players to create a rebirth of Sonic Wave, aptly titled “Sonic Wave Rebirth.” However, before this project could be completed, an unexpected turn of events occurred.

Sunix’s Triumphh3hh3hhh

Out of the blue, a player named Sunix managed to complete “Sonic Wave” on a livestream, becoming the first legitimate victor of the level. This achievement propelled “Sonic Wave” to the top of the demons list, where it remains even today. At this juncture, the Nine Circles trend was still going strong, though significant changes were on the horizon.

The Impact of Geometry Dash 2.0

The release of Geometry Dash 2.0 brought about a curious time for the Nine Circles levels. While some creators embraced the new features introduced by the update, including levels like “Crying Souls,” “Quasar,” and “Ultra Paracosm,” most levels adhered to the classic formula. However, 2.0 gave rise to one of the most famous Nine Circles levels ever – “Silent Circles.” A collaboration between Cyrillic and Sailent, this level gained notoriety for its impossible section, particularly a challenging mini wave spam segment that appeared halfway through the level.

The Revival and Beyond

Geometry Dash 2.1 arrived, and while levels such as “Arctic Lights,” “Hue Effect,” and “Bausha Vortex” were introduced, it appeared that the Nine Circles trend was losing its steam. Or so it seemed at the time.

In recent times, the Nine Circles trend has experienced a resurgence, with the revival of “Sonic Wave Rebirth,” the release of “Sonic Wave Infinity” and “Cosmic Cyclone,” and the ongoing verification of a remake of “Silent Circles.” These developments indicate that, despite the original Nine Circles level being created over seven years ago, the trend shows no signs of fading away. The future of this trend is still uncertain, but it undoubtedly has more surprises in store for the Geometry Dash community.

Pros and Cons of Geometry Dash Nine Circles

  • The Nine Circles levels are super tough and make the game exciting for players who like a challenge and want to improve their skills.
  • Level creators get to show off their creativity with cool designs, awesome graphics, and fun animations. This makes the game more interesting.
  • These levels bring players together, so they can share their experiences, ideas, and solutions. It’s like a little club inside the game.
  • People who want to make their levels often get ideas from the Nine Circles levels. This keeps the game fresh and exciting.
  • These levels keep the game interesting and make sure people keep playing.
  • The levels can be super tough, which might make new players feel like giving up.
  • To be good at these levels, you have to spend a lot of time practicing. It’s not easy.
  • Some players might feel left out because the levels are so hard. It could make the game less inclusive.
  • Some players might feel left out because the levels are so hard. It could make the game less inclusive.
  • The levels are really busy, and that can be overwhelming. It might be hard to enjoy the game’s graphics and music.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Nine Circles levels in Geometry Dash are a series of user-generated levels known for their challenging gameplay, intricate design, and visually stunning aesthetics. They are typically characterized by intense wave-based gameplay.

The first Nine Circles level, simply titled “Nine Circles,” was created by a Geometry Dash player known as Zobros. This level marked the beginning of the Nine Circles series.

No, Nine Circles levels are not officially created by RobTop Games, the developer of Geometry Dash. They are user-generated levels designed by players within the game’s editor.

Nine Circles levels are unique due to their challenging gameplay, synchronized music, and striking geometric visual designs. They push the boundaries of what’s possible within the Geometry Dash editor.

Nine Circles levels are known for their high difficulty, making them less accessible to new or less experienced players. They are often designed to challenge advanced players.

Yes, you can create your own Nine Circles-inspired level using Geometry Dash’s level editor. However, keep in mind that creating such levels can be quite complex and may require a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics.

Notable Nine Circles levels include “Theory of Everything 2” (by RobTop), “Ice Carbon Diablo X” (by TriAxis), “The Realistic” (by Lemons), and “Fusion Z” (by Sunix), among others.

Practice is essential. Start with less challenging levels and gradually work your way up to more complex ones. Focus on improving your timing and reflexes.

Yes, there is a dedicated community of players and level creators who focus on Nine Circles levels. You can find discussions, tips, and resources on various Geometry Dash forums and social media platforms.


The Nine Circles levels are the best level in Geometry Dash. You can enjoy both creativity and challenge to the game. This is a major reason why new and experienced players still love to play this level again and again because of the creativity of this level. As the game keeps growing, the Nine Circles levels will always be an important part of its history and community.

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