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Geometry Dash is a game where players create and share levels. The creator RobTop rates the best ones but with millions of uploads it’s impossible for him to see them all. That’s where in-game moderators bizaare player history come in. They have the special power to recommend levels for rating, featuring, or being marked as epic. Getting to be a moderator is tough – only 96 out of millions of players have made it. One standout moderator is Bizaare. You can read Formal Guide To Megacollabs in geometry dash.

Getting Started: Bizaare player history

Bizaare joined the game in the 1.8 update discovering it in 7th grade. His friend playing Cant Let Go got him interested. Starting with the Lite version he upgraded to the full game in 1.9. Bizaare got noticed when one of his layouts caught the attention of Paintingorange a big name in the community. From there he contributed to levels like FrostBite Grand and Clou all earning the featured status.

While Bizaare preferred creating gameplay over decorating he eventually delved into complex decorations around late 2019. He got his first creator point on April 15th 2020 with his level Point O.

Exploring Geometry Dash’s Community and Achievements:

Geometry Dash is a game where people make and share levels. The person who made the game RobTop picks the best levels. But since there are millions of levels it’s really hard for him to see them all. This is where in-game moderators like Bizaare come in. These moderators have a special ability to suggest levels for rating featuring or being marked as epic.This is very important for the game’s community. Bizaare’s journey in Geometry Dash is special and shows the creative and community spirit of the game.

Now let’s look deeper into Bizaare’s amazing journey in Geometry Dash. It shows how much he loves the game and the friends he has made along the way

The Demons Conqueror: In Geometry Dash there are super hard levels called Demons. Only a small group of really skilled players called Demon Slayers can beat these levels. They’ve spent tons of time mastering these crazy challenges and the game community thinks they’re pretty awesome.

The Icon Creators: In the game you can make your own special icons and designs for your profile. Some players have become famous for creating unique and cool designs that everyone recognizes. It’s a way for players to show off their creativity and artistic talent.

The Speed Demons: Geometry Dash is all about timing and rhythm. Some players go to the extreme by trying to finish levels as fast as possible. This is a big challenge that needs nearly perfect timing and it can be a crazy thing to watch. These super-fast players really push the game’s limits.

The Song Creators: One neat thing in Geometry Dash is that you can make your own levels with your choice of music. Some players take it further and make whole songs in the game using the tools available. It’s a cool and unusual way to express themselves through music within the game.

The Level Artists: The game has a level editor that lets players create amazing and visually stunning levels. Some people are famous for being really good at designing these levels making strange and captivating worlds inside the game. It adds depth and complexity to Geometry Dash’s world.

Moderation Milestone: Bizaare Becomes a Moderator

Bizaare achieved something big on August 28th, 2021 – he became a moderator. To reach this point he had to meet high standards but his multiple creator points and positive reputation in the community made him an obvious choice. Before becoming a moderator he actively reviewed levels and interacted with the community, solidifying his position.

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Current Status: Bizaare’s Achievements and Community Connection

Today Bizaare has 42 creator points 4 dailies and 2 epics. He’s organized 4 megacollabs with 2 receiving a rated status. But what truly makes him special is not just his achievements but how he interacts with the community.

Unlike many moderators who keep to themselves Bizaare stands out. He responds to messages helps when needed and is known for being approachable. This rare trait has earned him gratitude from many community members.

Pros and Cons of Geometry Dash Bizaare Player

  • Bizaare is really active in the Geometry Dash community. He talks with other players helps them out and is friendly making the community feel close and friendly.
  • Bizaare started as a player and now is an important moderator. He’s known for his awesome game levels like FrostBite Grand and Clou which are featured in the game. This shows he’s super creative and good at designing game levels.
  • Bizaare becoming a moderator shows he’s dedicated and well-liked in the community. Being a moderator lets him shape the game and keep it great.
  • Bizaare also organizes huge collaborations in the game. Some of these even get a rated status which is a big deal. This proves he’s good at working with others and making game content.
  • Bizaare’s journey in Geometry Dash is special. It shows that the game is not just about beating levels but also about making friends and helping others. His story is inspiring for players who want to be part of the community.
  • There are many players in Geometry Dash but only a few can become moderators. This might make some people feel left out or like they’re not good enough to be moderators.
  • Being a moderator has its own hard parts like checking levels and talking to players. Bizaare is great at it but not everyone might be cut out for this kind of role.
  • Getting as good as Bizaare in Geometry Dash takes a lot of time and work. Some people might not have that much time to spend on the game.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Bizaare is a well-known player and moderator in Geometry Dash. He’s famous for being creative in the game and for helping out the community.

Some cool things Bizaare did in Geometry Dash include making 42 levels, 4 of them are like a special challenge and 2 are super special. He also worked with others to make 4 big levels and 2 of them got special recognition.

Bizaare is friendly and talks with people in the Geometry Dash community. He helps players and is easy to talk to, which makes the game’s community strong.

People can learn from Bizaare that Geometry Dash is not just about winning but also about making friends and helping others. Bizaare’s story can inspire other players to do the same.

To be like Bizaare in the Geometry Dash community you should be active make great levels work with others and be nice. This way you can get recognized and help the community grow.

Being a helper in Geometry Dash is cool but it also means you have to do work like reviewing levels and talking to people. Not everyone may like these tasks.

To become a helper in Geometry Dash you should be creative help others and earn creator points. The game’s creators decide who becomes a helper.

Bizaare worked on 4 big levels with others and 2 of them are really special. These big collaborations are a cool part of the game.

Bizaare’s journey in Geometry Dash has been inspiring for other players. It shows that creativity community and hard work are important. Bizaare helped make the community stronger.

If you want to be like Bizaare, you can make cool levels, work with others, and be nice. This can help you become an important part of the Geometry Dash community.


Bizaare’s journey in Geometry Dash is unique. From a curious player to a valued moderator he represents the creativity and community spirit of the game. His story shows that in Geometry Dash it’s not just about overcoming challenges but also about building connections and helping others along the way. Experience the world of Geometry Dash through the fascinating journey of Bizaare a player whose story is as unusual as the game itself.

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