The Problems With The Geometry Dash Community

Let’s talk about the Geometry Dash community. It’s a group of gamers and creators who really love the game. They’ve had some issues over the years that made it harder to enjoy the game and interact with each other. This article will explain those problems.

People who love Geometry Dash have faced some issues. It’s become more popular, which is good, but it also brought some problems. People who’ve been playing for a long time, like me, are worried about these issues.

When we first started playing Geometry Dash, it was because a friend told us about it and wanted us to enjoy the fun of the game together. We all played this cool game, and it made us feel connected and happy.

We wanted to tell others about how much we loved playing Geometry Dash, so we used social media like Twitter, GWF, Reddit, YouTube, and more. These places became our spots for talking about everything related to our favorite game. We just wanted to share our happiness about Geometry Dash.

Toxicity and Harassment in geometry Dash Community:

The Geometry Dash community, like many online groups, deals with problems like people being mean or causing trouble. Some players do things like being unkind, playing tricks, or sending lots of messages, which can make new players not want to join or have fun in the game.

Lack of Moderation:

Sometimes, there isn’t enough supervision on certain Geometry Dash websites and chats, which makes the problems with people being unkind even worse. When there’s no one keeping an eye on things, bad stuff can grow, making it hard for everyone to have a good time.

Level Theft and Copyright Violations:

In Geometry Dash, you can make your own game levels. But some players copy and share other people’s levels without asking, which hurts the original creators and stops new ideas from happening.

Lack of New Official Content:

The Geometry Dash game hasn’t been updated in a while, so players get bored and the community gets stuck. People want new things like levels, icons, and features to keep the game fun.

Inequality in User-Created Content Ratings:

Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense how they rate and feature levels made by players. Really good levels don’t get noticed, but some not-so-great ones do. This can make talented creators sad and make them not want to share more.

Challenges for Aspiring Creators:

It’s tough for new level creators to get noticed. People who’ve been doing it for a long time are at the top, and new creators have a hard time getting attention. This can make them not want to share their work.

Aging Gameplay Mechanics:

As the game gets older, some players think the way it works is old-fashioned. They want new things to make the game more exciting.

Specific Incident

However, as the geometry dash community expanded, the pursuit of popularity started to overshadow the essence of the game itself. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to achieve recognition on platforms like YouTube or Twitter. It’s the means some individuals employ to attain this recognition that have created problems within our community. Some have resorted to generating drama to gain attention, while others seem to revel in drama itself.

This situation happens a lot in this drama. When they release new and popular levels, someone almost always doesn’t like them. They usually say mean things about the levels without giving helpful advice. Instead of being mean, what if we tried to give helpful advice or be nice to the people who made the levels, even if we don’t really like them? Levels are just one part of the problem. Learn about why RobToP remove hall of fame to the gd.

geometrydownload - The Problems With The Geometry Dash Community all details of geometry dash

A specific incident that highlights the problems within the community involves ExtraCrispyCroc, who has been accused and harassed over alleged farming of creator points. Regardless of whether she is indeed doing it, the question arises, should we even care? Creator points are merely a statistic in the game, so why should it be viewed negatively if someone wants to improve this aspect of their profile? We are here to play the game, enjoy it, and share our happiness with others. This is the core message of this article.

It’s time for us to initiate a change. Let’s return to the discussions and interactions the Geometry Dash community had five years ago. Instead of sharing hatred and anger over a $2 square jumping game, let’s focus on having fun and creating a more positive environment. Share this message with as many people as possible, and let’s aim to make the Geometry Dash community a place where the love for the game shines brightly.

Pros and Cons of Geometry Dash Community

  • People who play Geometry Dash really love the game, and there are many of them.
  • Players can create their own levels, icons, and characters, which means they can be really creative and make the game their own.
  • The game lets players connect with others who like it, and they can share their experiences and make new friends.
  • People who are just starting can show off what they make and get recognized for their skills and creativity.
  • Geometry Dash is a tough and addictive game that keeps players engaged and motivated to get better.
  • Players make their own levels and things for the game, so there are always new challenges and fun things to do.
  • Some players can be mean, like bullies or troublemakers, and that can make the community a not-so-nice place.
  • In some parts of the community, there aren’t enough people watching out for bad stuff, so there can be rude things and not-so-nice behavior.
  • Sometimes players take other people’s stuff and put it in the game without asking, which is not fair and stops new ideas from happening.
  • When the game doesn’t get new things added to it, players can get bored because they want something fresh.
  • he way they judge and show what players make can seem random, and that can make people who are good at creating stuff feel upset.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

The Geometry Dash community is a group of people who love playing and creating things in the game Geometry Dash. They talk about their experiences, make their own levels, and chat about the game.

The community deals with issues like mean behavior and bullying, people copying other players’ levels without permission, not enough good rules, unfair ratings for user-made levels, and not getting new stuff to play in the game.

Being mean in the community can make people feel bad and not want to be part of it. It’s things like being mean or bothering others, which can keep new players from joining.

Good rules are important to make sure everyone behaves nicely and follows the right path. This helps stop bad stuff and keeps the community friendly.

When the game doesn’t get new stuff, players can get bored and the community might not feel as exciting. People want new things to keep having fun.

The system for rating levels people create might not always be fair. It can make talented creators feel like they’re not getting noticed and might stop them from making more cool stuff.

By being kind and helpful, giving useful advice, and focusing on having a good time, the community can work together to solve these problems and make things more enjoyable.


The Geometry Dash community has some problems, like people being unkind and copying levels without permission. It also needs more updates and a fairer way to rate levels. But the community is still strong, and players and creators are working together to fix these issues and make Geometry Dash fun for everyone. By dealing with these problems, the community can keep growing and stay a fun part of the gaming world. Have a great day, and remember the true essence of our community. Goodbye.

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