5 Free Demons of Geometry Dash No One Is Talking About

Welcome to the realm of Geometry Dash, where challenges and demons await. Today, we’ll explore a collection of 5 Free Demons no one is talking about. These levels may not be in the spotlight, but they offer a unique and enjoyable experience for players seeking a different kind of thrill. Join us as we delve into the depths of these hidden gems, each with its quirks and surprises. There is a different rate standers of geometry dash level.

What is in the 5 Free Demons list

Altos Odyssey: An easy and enjoyable journey

geometrydownload - Alto's Odyssey is one of the 5 free demons which is not very famous but this level is very attractive

Our journey begins with Altos Odyssey, created by the talented GD Charz. Altos Odyssey provides a smooth and enjoyable experience with minimal difficulty spikes. However, when you reach 23%, some things on the screen might make it hard to see what’s happening in the game. Also, when you reach 83% you may face difficulty which surprises players. Even with these little challenges, it’s a fun and easy level for those who want something that is not too hard but still entertaining.

Pipe Rush II: Moving through the pipes with Fofii

geometrydownload - Pipe Rush II: Moving through the pipes with Fofii this is one of the 5 free demons

In the 5 Free Demons next on our list is Pipe Rush II, an offering by Fofii. While its difficulty may be remembered by the player because of its easy-to-sight path, except for some challenging ship parts that might be difficult to lower-end devices. With a single practice run, you may complete the level. The personal rating stands at a solid 7.5 stars, making it a worthy addition to your Geometry Dash adventure.

InsidiouS: Challenging sections and open areas

geometrydownload InsidiouS is a Challenging level which is not poplar

Exploring Wintter’s creation, InsidiouS, we find a level that mixes both challenging and open areas. The 11% wave introduces a challenge, but if you do some practice you can beat this level. As the level progresses, it transforms from a 7-8 star difficulty to a more manageable 5-star rating. The 25% end screen adds a touch of simplicity, My personal rating to the InsidiouS is 7.5-star.

Third Rail: A Fun Challenge

geometrydownload - Third Rail is the list of 5 free demons

Third Rail by Umbraleviathan is the toughest one we’ve got on our list, it’s actually a super exciting and enjoyable experience. According to (Evil) IGN, it’s not something everyone would enjoy because of its unique game mechanics. Reading these mechanics might be a bit challenging at times, making a practice run or two highly recommended. Despite the difficulty, the level earns a stellar personal rating of 9.2 stars.

If Among Us Was Lv 2: A Quirky Adventure

geometrydownload - If Among Us Was Lv 2: A Quirky Adventure gameplay in our 5 free demons list

The last one on our list is “If Among Us Was Lv 2” by Knoeppel, perhaps the least favored but still relatively easy. Watch out for the challenging 24% wave and the unexpected straight fly at 82%. Additionally, be safe at 28%, as sliding on the upper block into the cube portal may prove challenging. The redeeming factor is the 18% on the end screen, making it a manageable yet quirky addition to our list with a personal rating of 7.7 stars.


In the world of Geometry Dash, Check out these 5 free demons that not many people talk about, but they are challenging cool, and different to the game. Whether you want something easy, a bit challenging, or really exciting, these levels have everything for everyone. Jump into the unknown, beat these demons, and make your Geometry Dash experience even more awesome!

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