Why We Need Glow Levels In Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a cool mobile game that lots of people like. It’s known for being tough, looking great, and having special “Glow Levels.” We’re going to talk about why Glow Levels are important in the game and how they make it even better.

In the world of Geometry Dash, some players noticed that a certain kind of level called “glow levels” is missing. These levels usually have glowing decorations and lights. In this article, we want to talk about why these glow levels are important and why they should be a part of the Geometry Dash community.

They Look Awesome: Glow Levels are special in Geometry Dash because they use really bright and shiny colors. These colors not only look cool but also make the game more exciting. The mix of dark backgrounds and glowing stuff makes the game unique and fun to look at.

They Make You Feel Like You’re Inside the Game: Glow Levels make you feel like you’re part of the game. The shiny things in the levels create a sense of depth, making it seem like you’re moving through a 3D world. This immersive feeling makes the game more fun and challenging.

Easier to See: Glow Levels help you see everything better. In regular levels, some things can be hard to spot because they blend into the background. But in Glow Levels, the bright stuff stands out, making it easier to react and beat the challenges.

Letting Creativity Shine: Glow Levels allow the people who create the levels to use lots of different colors and designs. This freedom lets them come up with amazing and creative levels. Players and level creators both love the variety and imagination that Glow Levels bring to the game.

Making It Even Harder: Geometry Dash is already a tough game, but Glow Levels take it to another level. The bright, shiny things in these levels can be tricky to navigate, adding more difficulty. This is great for players who want to prove they’re masters at the game.

Bringing the Community Together: Lots of people play Geometry Dash, and there’s a big online community of players and level creators. Glow Levels have made this community even closer. They inspire creators to make unique, glowing levels, which makes the players happy and competitive.

The Mysterious Absence of Glow Levels

During one of my recent gaming streams, I noticed something unusual. I was playing user-created levels then I got requests for all sorts of styles like modern, neodesign, and miscellaneous. But what stood out was that no one asked for glow levels.

At first, I thought it might be a coincidence, just a one-time thing. Maybe the viewers in that stream didn’t have any glow levels to share. But the more I thought about it, the more I wondered why glow levels were missing. It couldn’t be because of personal preference, as I’ve always been open to all kinds of levels, no matter their style. So, I started to think there might be a reason behind this strange absence of glow levels.

The Rise of Stylistic Prejudice

To understand this phenomenon better, we need to explore the concept of “stylistic prejudice.” This term was coined by a fellow gamer, Norkbork, and it refers to the tendency to prejudge or dismiss a level based solely on its visual style. In recent years, the Geometry Dash community has witnessed a significant shift in its preferences when it comes to assessing the quality of a level.

Previously, a level’s visual appeal was the primary criterion for gaining the community’s attention. However, things have changed. The focus has shifted from aesthetics to innovation and creativity. Gamers and creators now seek to push the boundaries of the game’s editor, exploring new concepts and approaches to level design. This shift in the community’s outlook has given rise to unconventional styles like neodesign, which have sparked both excitement and controversy.

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The Neglect of Glow Levels

Amid this evolving landscape, glow levels have found themselves pushed to the background. Many have labeled them as “just another glow level” or criticized them for not venturing into uncharted territory. This brings us to the heart of the matter – stylistic prejudice.

Glow levels are often dismissed solely because they belong to a style that’s perceived as lacking in innovation or originality. It’s not about the validity of these criticisms; it’s about the impact they have on the game and its community.

The Role of Glow Levels

However, it’s essential to recognize that glow levels play a unique role in Geometry Dash. They’re not just there to fill a space on the “awarded” tab. They serve a purpose that goes beyond recognition and accolades.

Let’s draw a parallel. Consider the Oscar nominees for Best Picture over the past decade. How many superhero movies have you seen among the nominees? Not many, with the exception of a few like “Black Panther.” Superhero movies often face criticism for being formulaic, catering to a broad audience, and lacking depth.

Now, shift your focus to glow levels. They encounter similar criticisms – they’re seen as repetitive, safe, and not particularly thought-provoking. The analogy between glow levels and superhero movies is intriguing. Both styles of expression have their moments in the spotlight, face criticism, and eventually give way to more creative and unconventional works.

However, what happens when the “creative” becomes the new norm? If we allow creative levels to overshadow glow levels, the “creative” levels themselves might lose their novelty. As Syndrome from “The Incredibles” wisely said, “If everyone’s super, then no one will be.”

The Necessity of Glow Levels

Glow levels have a unique role in the Geometry Dash community. They offer a sense of familiarity and enjoyment, much like superhero movies. While they may not always break new ground, they provide a level of comfort and entertainment that players appreciate. Without glow levels, the unconventional, rule-breaking levels that challenge the norm might not shine as brightly in comparison.

Pros and Cons of Geometry Dash Grow Levels

  • Glow Levels are pretty with bright colors and glowing stuff. It’s eye-catching.
  • When you play these levels, it feels like you’re really inside the game. It’s super immersive.
  • The glowing things in the game are easy to spot, so you can quickly react and beat challenges.
  • People who create levels have lots of choices with Glow Levels. They can make all kinds of cool stuff.
  • If you’re really good at the game, Glow Levels are a fun challenge. You can show off your high scores.
  • Glow Levels get people excited to make levels and compete with each other.
  • Glow Levels can be tough, which might make some players frustrated. It’s harder to progress in the game.
  • All the bright and glowing stuff can be too much for some players. It might hurt their eyes or make them tired.
  • Some people who are sensitive to bright lights or have certain medical conditions like epilepsy might not like the intense visuals in Glow Levels.
  • If there are too many Glow Levels, it can get boring because all the levels look similar.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Glow Levels are special levels in the game that look super bright and flashy, like they’re made of neon lights. They’re all about having a cool, eye-catching style.

Glow Levels are different because they have way more colors and flashy stuff. They can be more challenging, making you work harder to beat them.

You sure can! Use the level editor to make your own Glow Levels and challenge your friends.

You can find Glow Levels in the user-made section. Search for them or check out the popular ones in the game.

For the best experience, you might need a strong device. Older ones might slow down when you play these levels.

Nope, they’re not made by the game creators. Glow Levels are made by players like you, and they add some fun variety to the game.

Absolutely! If you’re having a tough time, you can skip any level, including Glow Levels. You can come back to them later or try other levels.


Glow Levels in Geometry Dash make the game better in many ways. They make it look awesome, feel immersive, help you see better, let creators be more creative, add extra challenge, and make the player community stronger. These glowing levels aren’t just for looks; they’re a big part of why Geometry Dash is a beloved game. As long as players keep making and exploring new Glow Levels, Geometry Dash will stay popular for a long time.

Geometry Dash community needs glow levels to maintain the diversity and dynamism that have defined the game. You don’t have to love every glow level you encounter, but it’s worth appreciating their contribution to the game’s ecosystem. They bring a sense of balance and nostalgia that complements the ever-evolving creative landscape of Geometry Dash.

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