I Made A Geometry Jump Ultimate Destruction Remake Inspired Level

If you’re a fan of Geometry Dash and want to try something new, creating your own level inspired by the charm of Ultimate Destruction remake that might be the perfect challenge for you. In this article, I’ll share the journey of my level, or you can also make level just in 3 hours. The Seventh Day, and why you should consider taking on this exciting venture.

Discovering the Untold Charm of Ultimate Destruction Remake

Let’s take a step back and appreciate what made Ultimate Destruction special. Even though it remained unfinished, its detailed design with pulsing objects, additional chains, and unique structures set it apart. While the initial Geometry Dash levels kept things simple, Ultimate Destruction hinted at a more visually engaging direction.

geometrydownload - Ultimate Destruction Remake Inspired Level all details

My Geometry Jump Remake: The Seventh Day
Taking inspiration from Ultimate Destruction, I faced the challenge of staying true to RobTop’s style while infusing my creativity into The Seventh Day. This level mirrors the rhythm and structure of Ultimate Destruction, keeping the essence of the original while adding my own touch.

Music: The 7th Day by TM43
To keep things authentic, I chose The 7th Day by TM43, the artist behind Ultimate Destruction, to sync with the gameplay and enhance the overall experience.

Gameplay: A Dance of Elements
The level kicks off with a cube section on the floor, elevating to a spiked cube section reminiscent of Base After Base. The rhythm guides players through height variations until the black section, introducing a ship segment and a hidden coin, similar to the charm found in Stereo Madness.

Decoration: Pulsing Objects and Spatial Finesse
Pulsing objects, synonymous with the music genre of Geometry Dash, dominate the decor. Chains are sparingly used, strategically placed for maximum impact. The structures, while not groundbreaking in design, cleverly fill in spaces, drawing inspiration from Ultimate Destruction’s spatial creativity.

Coins: Adding a Dash of Challenge
Unlike early versions of Geometry Dash, I introduced coins, adding a layer of challenge. Their locations, reminiscent of iconic levels like Base After Base and Stereo Madness, invite players to explore and test their skills.

Why Dive into Geometry Jump Level Creation?
Crafting a Geometry Jump-inspired level offers a departure from the simplicity of the first seven main levels. Ultimate Destruction’s intensity challenges players’ sight readability and reaction time, creating a fresh experience within the 1.0 style.


The Seventh Day was an enjoyable gameplay, and I invite fellow creators to explore the distinctive experience of Geometry Jump-style levels. While Ultimate Destruction may be lost, the community’s remakes, including fan-made extensions, keep its spirit alive. The charm of Ultimate Destruction remains unmatched, making it a worthwhile inspiration for any Geometry Dash level designer. Join the journey and breathe life into your creation with the spirit of ultimate destruction-remake.

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