Arcane History : A Level Too Obscure

There is the cool thing in Geometry Dash – the 2.1 update, and within that is there’s a level called “Arcane” by qMystic. It’s been around for five years, and even though it’s awesome, not many people know about it. Let’s dive into the story of this level and see why it’s so special.

Back in Time to 2019: The Beginning

Let’s rewind to April 20, 2019. A creator named qMystic dropped a sneak peek of Arcane, a level that was just a tiny part made by qMystic himself. Interestingly, this bit got scrapped later, but it set the stage for something big. You can also learn about GD 2.2 taking so long

The Collaboration that Shaped Arcane History

After that, qMystic gathered a team of creators to turn Arcane into a mega-collaboration. It took about five months, and creators like Pieck, Sm1nT, and Asu joined in. But the title changed, and the level looked nothing like the final one we know today. In 2020, qMystic brought in more creators to give the level its final shape.

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From Idea to Reality: The Arcane Transformation

Qmystic used his YouTube channel like a progress diary, showing off different parts of Arcane. By July 23, 2020, the level was fully decorated and ready to go. It had this mix of old hell vibes with a modern twist in its decoration. The symbols in the level matched its name, giving it a mysterious feel. The gameplay was fun, making it feel like a crazy hard level.

YakobNugget’s Take: Flawless Approval

To make things official, qMystic asked a player named YakobNugget to check if the level was legit. This guy is known for being picky, but he gave Arcane a perfect score. He liked the gameplay and decoration so much that he scored it 10 out of 10. That’s a big deal!


Once everything was good to go, qMystic uploaded Arcane to his account, and it quickly got an “Epic” rating. Players like Nexus loved it too. As of now, it has around 70,000 downloads, but honestly, it deserves way more attention.

So, that’s the story of Arcane. It’s a cool reminder of how creative the Geometry Dash community can be. This article is like a spotlight on hidden gems like Arcane and the awesome creators, especially qMystic. Hopefully, more players get to know and enjoy the cool history behind Geometry Dash’s fantastic levels!

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