Why Do So Many Rated Levels of Geometry Dash Look Exactly The Same?

Geometry Dash is a mobile game lots of people love. In this game, many players make their own levels and challenges. But here’s something interesting: many of these levels look alike. Why does this happen?

Many levels that get highly rated often look very similar to each other. This is a problem that’s been around for a while, and it bothers both the people who play the game and the ones who make the levels. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but it’s still a issue because there isn’t enough creativity in how the levels are designed. Read about Moderator GirlyAle02.

Preference for Familiar Challenges: Geometry Dash players really enjoy certain types of challenges. So when they make their own levels, they often use the things they like. That’s why you’ll see similar things in different levels, like the same obstacles and patterns.

Popular Design Trends: The Geometry Dash community is always changing. Sometimes, there’s a cool new way to design levels that everyone loves. When that happens, lots of level creators use it in their levels. So for a while, many levels will have the same look and feel. But then, a new trend comes along, and things change again.

Influence of Top Creators: When really good creators in Geometry Dash make levels, they can inspire other creators. People often try to copy their styles or use ideas from their popular levels. This can make lots of levels in the game look similar.

Limited Tools and Building Blocks:  In Geometry Dash, creators use a set of tools and building pieces to make levels. While these tools are flexible, they are limited. This means creators can only use what’s available, so their levels might end up looking alike because of these restrictions.

Player Expectations: Players have certain expectations for how hard and how levels should progress in Geometry Dash. If a level is too different from what players expect, it might not be liked or rated highly. This can make creators stick to familiar designs to make sure their levels get appreciated.

Time and Effort: Making a new and cool level takes a lot of time and work. Some creators might decide to copy parts from other popular levels to save time and effort. This can lead to many levels looking the same.

How Rated Level Look like

Here are some examples of why this happens:

geometrydownload - this is the example of geometry Dash Rated Levels which Look Exactly The Same

Similar-looking Levels: You might have seen levels that look so much alike that you’d think they were made by the same person. But in reality, they’re made by different creators. This happens across different styles, like glowy or modern designs.

The Challenge of Being Unique: Making something unique in Geometry Dash is hard. A lot of players and creators think that almost every idea has already been tried. So they focus more on making the levels look good instead of coming up with new ideas.

Because of this, many levels end up looking the same because creators keep using the same design ideas. Some even reuse their own ideas, which doesn’t help the game evolve beyond just looking nice.

To fix this problem, if you want to make great Geometry Dash levels, you should try to be more creative. Don’t be afraid to think of new ideas and different ways to design your levels. Even if your level is based on a common idea, try to put your own spin on it to make it unique.

Pros and Cons of Geometry Dash Rated Level Look Exactly The Same

  • Rated levels are checked by the Geometry Dash team to make sure they’re good quality. This means they’re fun to play and don’t have any bad stuff in them.
  • Rated levels show how active and creative the Geometry Dash community is. They prove that the people who make levels are dedicated and talented, which keeps the game interesting.
  • Many rated levels are tough and test your skills and reflexes. If you like a challenge, you’ll enjoy playing them.
  • Even though the gameplay can be similar, rated levels come in different looks and music. This means you can enjoy lots of different styles.
  • Rated levels are important if you want to do well in the game or earn achievements. They’re recognized for being hard, so they show how good you are.
  • Some rated levels can look the same or have the same gameplay, which can get boring.
  • Rated levels can be too easy or too hard, and it can be hard to tell which is which. This can make the game uneven.
  • Sometimes, levels copy popular design trends too much. This can stop people from being original, and levels start to look the same.
  • There are so many rated levels that it’s hard to find the good ones. You have to go through a lot of them to find the ones you like.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Rated levels are custom-made levels in Geometry Dash that the game’s team officially approves. You can find them in the “Featured” section and they come in different difficulty levels.

The Geometry Dash team rates levels created by players. If a level meets their quality and content rules, it can get a rating.

No, not all of them are hard. Some are easy, some are medium, and some are really tough. You can pick the ones that match your skill level.

Some rated levels might seem alike because players often follow popular design styles and ideas, leading to similar-looking levels.

Yes, players can make their levels and submit them for a rating. However, they need to meet certain rules to get rated.

To find creative rated levels, you can explore levels made by players that aren’t rated. These can offer different and interesting gaming experiences.

Yes, rated levels are made by players, while official levels are created by the game’s developer, RobTop Games. They’re part of the main game story.

Yes, finishing rated levels can help you progress in the game, unlock achievements, and improve your leaderboard rank. Many players aim to beat tough rated levels for high scores.


The reason we see lots of similar levels in Geometry Dash is because of what players like, what’s trendy in level design, and how top creators influence others. But remember, the Geometry Dash community is diverse, and not all creators are trying to make the same kind of levels. Some want to be creative, while others focus on traditional gameplay. This mix of levels caters to different players, giving everyone something they like in this lively community. The community needs to break free from making levels that all look the same. Creators should be more innovative and original. By doing this, we can make sure that every highly rated level gives players a fresh and exciting experience.

By dealing with the problem of originality, the Geometry Dash community can keep growing and stay fun for both creators and players.

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