How To Make A Featured Level In Geometry Dash

If you’ve ever tried your hand at the Geometry Dash level editor, you’ve probably wondered about the secrets to making a level that stands out. Well, here’s the lowdown, drawing from my experience of creating 11 featured levels. I also give a challenge to myself to create a feature level in just 3 hours, The goal of this article is to share everything I’ve learned and guide you on your journey to creating a featured level. Let’s get started!

Gameplay: Where the Magic Happens

Without a doubt, gameplay is the heart and soul because of its featured level. Your level of success depends on how enjoyable, readable, and fair the gameplay is.

Fun Gameplay:
To make a level interesting, it’s important to make sure it’s fun to play. Syncing your moves with the music in the level is really important to make it feel good.

Readable Gameplay:
Players should be able to know what’s coming up ahead. Avoid using transitions that block their view and keep the path clear for them.

Fair Gameplay:
Don’t mess with the players by introducing fake paths or tricky elements. Make the gameplay challenging but fair.

When you’re building the gameplay, consider either planning the whole layout at once or taking it part by part while adding the decorative elements.

Decoration: Adding Visual Flair with featured level

Now that your gameplay is on development mod or completed, it’s time to make your level visually appealing. Decoration is an art that involves several components to create a unique and attractive level.

geometrydownload - geometry dash  featured level with custom Background design
geometrydownload – geometry dash featured level with custom Background design

Block Design:

  • Outline: Use specific pieces for building platform outlines, preferably thin ones. Experimenting with bolder options can add a creative touch.
  • Base: Choose a visually pleasing block as the foundation.
  • Extra Details: Enhance the design with connectors or art pieces, remembering that sometimes, less is more.

Ground Spikes:

  • Different from regular spikes, ground spikes are placed between structures. Add decorative objects on black-colored hazards for a visually interesting touch.

Air Decoration:

  • Air decoration means adding designs that are spread out across the level or filling the spaces that are not covered by block structures. Common choices include arrows, saw blades, and pulsing objects. Avoid overcrowding for a polished look.

Custom Background:

  • While default backgrounds are available, creating custom designs adds a personal touch. Make sure the background complements your level’s theme.

5. Pulses and Movement:

  • Pay attention to the little things. Use pulse triggers to match colors with the beat of the music. Add moving structures and backgrounds for a lively atmosphere.


This article is based on the theory of creating a featured level guide. This hands-on experience will give you practical insights. With this knowledge, you’ll be all set to start your adventure of creating your own featured level. Enjoy creating!

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