The Geometry Dash Rate Standards of every level

Geometry Dash is an exciting game where you play different levels with the rhythm of music However, it’s essential to clarify that the community doesn’t rate the official level of the game because the developer of the game, RobTop, sets these rules for how levels are star-rated. But the community can create their own levels which have different rate standards. This game has some rules for rating and reporting the levels which are made by the users such as speed, timing, obstacle placement, and more. Let’s talk about these rules in simple words.

The Geometry Dash Community and Its Rate Standards

RobTop doesn’t give permission to the user to add or remove a start, but the user can create custom levels in which ratings are allowed. The rating rules focus on two things: how good a level looks (decoration) and how fun it is to play (gameplay). The decoration should be nice to look at, with a pretty background and blocks that match well. Once, how fun a level was to play was most important, but not anymore. Now, having good decoration is just as essential as having fun gameplay.

If a level is good-looking and fun to play, it can get a star rating. There are four types of star ratings: unrated, rated, featured, and epic. The star rating a level gets depends on how well it follows the rating rules.

geometry dash rate standard with different levels

“Like Ratings”

These ratings are provided by the players, letting them express how much they enjoyed a level. After a player finishes a level, they can give it a “like” or “dislike.” This system helps increase visibility for levels that many players find enjoyable.

Difficulty Ratings

The Difficulty Ratings range from the easiest to the hardest level, represented by different colored faces: auto (turquoise), easy (green), normal (blue), hard (orange), harder (red), insane (purple), and demon (dark purple). The difficulty of official levels is solely determined by RobTop.

The Star Rating System

3.1 The Rating Standards:

The Star Rating System is a part of the Geometry Dash Level Rating Standards, denoting the difficulty of a level. Star ratings correspond to difficulty ratings and range from 1-10. Again, the number of stars awarded to the official levels is decided by RobTop.

3.2 Star Rating System:

The system is based on various elements – obstacles, pace, length of the level, and so forth. Once a level is rated, players can earn stars based on the star rating of the level after successfully completing it.

These rating systems in Geometry Dash helps in creating an organized scoring and level progression hierarchy and ensure that the players find the level of challenge they are up for. It provides concrete data for new and experienced players to choose their levels accordingly.

3.3 Coin Rating System

Geometry Dash also introduces a Coin Rating System that revolves around user coins. However, only rated levels can have their user coins “verified.” This verification is essential because it ensures that user coins are placed fairly within a level and cannot be easily acquired for free. To maintain fairness regarding user coin placement, when specific conditions must be met.

In Geometry Dash, the Coin Rating System represents bonus challenges at every level. The levels often include three secret coins, which are golden in color. They’re tough to find and typically are hidden or placed in challenging spots. Collecting these coins is optional but rewards the player with achievements and icons.

3.4 The Derating System

The Derating System is used when a level’s initial rating is deemed too high or too low. If RobTop, the creator of Geometry Dash, feels a level is not placed under the correct difficulty or star rating, they may change, or ‘derate’ it to a more appropriate rating.

3.5 The Demon Rating System

A more recent addition to Geometry Dash is the Demon Rating System, which focuses specifically on rating demon levels—the most challenging levels in the game. The Demon Rating System is the highest level of difficulty in Geometry Dash. The system is subdivided into five categories: easy, medium, hard, insane, and extreme, representing varying levels of ‘demon’ difficulty. The classification into these sub-categories depends on the level’s complexity and challenge.

4 The Reporting System

The Reporting System is a feature that allows players to report inappropriate or offensive content. If a level is found to contain such material or is violating the game rules, players can use the reporting system to alert RobTop. The four main reasons to report a level include.

  • hacking (using cheats to make the level easier)
  • cheating (doing something unfair to get a high score)
  • exploiting (using tricks that are not supposed to be allowed)
  • abusive behavior (making levels that can hurt or bother others)

If a report is legitimate, the level could be removed or edited to ensure a safe and fun gaming environment for all players.

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